Here’s the latest from Rightmove. Data is taken over the entire Uk and is not always related directly to micro climate towns or villages, but does provide a general reflection on the current market trends. We are very happy to discuss how this compares to our own data with all our clients so that they can have a clear idea of how to proceed with their own marketing strategy.

*     Summer sellers need to work harder as prices stand still
*     New seller asking prices hit usual summer slowdown this month resulting in virtual price standstill (-0.1% or -£248)
*     Number of properties coming to market jumps up by 8.6% compared to same month last year, but no corresponding increase in buyer numbers to soak up new seller influx (sales agreed holding steady at 0.2% compared to the same month a year ago)
*     Stock for sale per agent highest since September 2015, meaning sellers in areas of over-supply need to compete harder on price, presentation and promotion of their property to attract buyers
*     The proportion of sellers already on the market that are reducing their asking prices is the highest at this time of year since 2011, indicating initial over-optimism on price