Summertime is a great time of year to sell your house. Sunshine gives a home a bright and cheery glow, and a blooming lovely garden can really help persuade potential buyers that yours is the house of their dreams.

As 35% of buyers make their decisions purely on a home’s exterior, maintaining the garden through the marketing period really makes sense. Even if your fingers aren’t green, here are our top tips to make your garden more appealing:

Mow the lawn and tidy the bushes

Keep lawns looking smart and they’ll set off the rest of the garden. If the hedges are out of control, it might be worth hiring a gardener for an hour’s trimming.

Make the most of flowers

If you have colourful plants, make sure the planters are at focal points around the garden. Perhaps buy a couple of new planters to really brighten things up

Bring the light in

For dusk viewings, a sprinkling of fairy lights or uplighters can transform your garden.

Spruce up your garden furniture

Give patio furniture a brush down, and on sunny days dress it just as you would an interior space so it looks really appealing.

Clean patios and decking

A jet wash can hugely improve the look of paving and ensure decking is not slippery.

Be a good neighbour

Even if your front garden is looking fantastic, If your neighbour’s is not then it can affect a sale. As you’re mowing yours, it may be a good time to offer to mow theirs – that way you keep neighbour relations intact!


At White & Guard, we always provide advice on presenting properties to maximise appeal to buyers. It’s one of the things that our clients highlight as a strength.