New figures from Rightmove show that the property market has remained steady following the EU Referendum. Figures for the first half of 2016 show that the housing market in England and Wales has remained strong during the four-week period before and after Brexit, in comparison to the same period in previous years.

‘As long as lenders keep mortgage deals attractive and available, the underlying demand for home-ownership should overcome most uncertainties,’ said Rightmove Director Myles Shipside. 
Many experts within the industry are also predicting that the UK’s residential property sector will in fact benefit greatly from the Referendum aftermath, due to the fact there will always be a strong demand for housing.

In addition, the government will also continue to support the housing market and has also recently agreed to extend its Help to Buy scheme to 2021, with new research showing that 43% of additional new homes have been built as a direct result of this particular scheme.

With High Street lenders also now offering competitive mortgage deals at all time low rates, now couldn’t be a better time to move.

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