In our new series members of our team will be sharing their stories from isolating at home and reflect on their experinces so far.


Lettings Manager

This photo sums up some of the challenges and benefits that we as a parents are dealing with as we attempt to adapt to working from home with children.

There is the benefit of video chats, webinars, call and emails that enable us to keep our businesses moving and growing in whatever way we find possible and the challenges that our children don’t understand why they cant be involved in everything we are doing including those very important works calls where they decide to sing at the top of their voices.

What I have found works best for me is attending to as many things first thing as possible whilst my daughter can eat breakfast and watch some cartoons, then it leaves us to day of enjoying this time together that we don’t normally have is such abundance.  There is lots of painting, jigsaws, baking and of course our daily walk and there is no rush to any of it like there normally is in our daily lives so we are able to take in the beauty of everything.  These are the things I am sure I will miss when life goes back to normal.

Then she goes down to bed I am able to start my working day again making the calls responding to any emails and generally keep in touch with all our clients, everyone understanding of the challenges we are all facing.

Our teams also have the benefit of this time to think outside the box about ways to keep things moving and ways we will improve the business and make stronger when we return.  Seeing how all the teams have interacted and supported each other during this time really does make me realise how lucky we are and how confident I am that we will come through the other side better and strong.

Until that time enjoy the extra time with your family if you are fortunate enough to have one and if not there are so many apps etc now to make it easier to keep in touch with friends.  I am a bit fan of house party and will be arranging Friday night wine with my friends… virtually of course.

Stay safe and where possible stay home ?



Fair Oak branch

Here at number 8, the ‘stay at home’ message has brought with it all kinds of emotions, benefits, restrictions and more than anything a huge awakening in the way we live. As a 90’s baby, I have always been spoilt with having every luxury at your fingertips: fast food delivered to the door, a new outfit arriving within 12 hours of placing an order and the ability to brunch, lunch, dine, wine, coffee or eat sweet treats at any one the hundreds of local restaurants and café’s nearby with friends 24/7. I am always ‘on the go’ so time spent at home is a completely new and alien concept and the fact that all of the above is redundant, was somewhat of a shock to the system in the first few days.

My working set-up is on the kitchen table with a mug of tea and favourite Yankee candle burning in the background and in the first few days of ‘lockdown’ working was my only anchor to reality and normality. I am also looking after the social media side of our businesses from home in order to connect with and support local businesses and residents, alongside keeping in touch with our vendors and buyers. It is heart-warming to see communities coming together to deliver supplies and fresh produce as well as medicines to those in need, as well as sharing and creating ideas to keep the kids busy over these tough few weeks. In these worrying times, it is reassuring and calming to see the best in humanity. Connecting through social media this way has also given me company in a quiet, empty house (other than the guinea pigs in the garden!) when I am used to a vibrant, lively and buzzing office environment.

I have tried to use this time to reclaim balance in my life, learn new recipes (after all my hand is forced with McDonalds closed) try gardening, read a book I have been meaning to for goodness knows how long and dust the skirting boards (who even knew that was a chore that needed doing?)… Overall I now feel more focused on my well-being which I aim to continue after normality and the hustle and bustle of life returns.

All in this together.



Personal Sales Executive, Bishops Waltham

After a week in lock down I find myself looking for ways to look at the positives that have come out of such a strange and quite frankly scary situation we all find ourselves in.  When I thought about this my mind immediately went to the kitchen table.

This has become the hub of my family’s daily life. It has become my office, my children’s school, a space for countless (and sometimes never ending) crafting, a space for every single mealtime. A shared space.

It has taken a while for us to begin to feel some semblance of a routine forming, like many many families at the moment, but with no commutes to battle with or afterschool clubs to dash for, our lives have become simplified.  We eat together. Every meal – shared – as a family should. We talk about everything as it happens our thoughts as they come and go. Our highs and lows. We are re-connected, and we are thriving.

That’s what a home is – a safe, secure place to nourish and nurture.

When life returns to normal, I hope we can keep some of what we have found.